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"After sustaining stress fractures to both shins from running, I was recommended to Karen Calara by my sports medicine doctor.    Immediately Karen took the time to do a complete evaluation including a personal interview to find out my pain rating as well as my recovery goals.  By the end of that first session that included deep tissue message, I was already feeling better.  My therapy was comprehensive utilizing her vast knowledge of biomechanics and physical therapy.


On the days I did not see Karen, I had daily routines specifically created for me.  Not only were they comfortable and easy, but Karen tailored them to get the maximum effect in the shortest period of time.  With a home, school, work and young child I could only donate 15 minutes a day to my recovery.  She was able to customize home therapy that worked quickly and with great results.  I looked forward to my therapy sessions because I always felt so encouraged. 


Karen also answered all of my questions that came up in between sessions with insightful, thoughtful and personal answers.  If something hurt, she told me to not do it.  While this is great for me it also gave her information about my body and how I was healing.  When working with her I always feel like I am the top priority, not just a case to get through.  In less than four months I was running again. 


Then I was injured in an auto accident and sustained a lower back and neck injury.  Just as before, my pain relief started immediately.  Karen swiftly got me into a program to heal and restore the function of my back and neck with little donation of my time. With this injury being so different I wasn't quite sure how fast I would start to recover. 


Through targeted exercises and restrictions on my physical activity I was able to walk around easily within the month.  As before, my home therapy was created to fit my lifestyle.  It was non-invasive but truly effective.  Karen kept in close contact with my treating physician the entire time, making sure that there was full communication. 


Five months after I started my therapy for my back and neck injuries I was exercising again and living without constant pain.  Confident in her work, I would recommend everyone that has physical therapy needs to Karen.  She is caring, professional, current in her knowledge and techniques, and a fabulous physical therapist!"


H. L.

Teacher, Runner and Student

Seattle, WA

"I am 57 years old and have been a serious runner since 1982. I love to race and have competed in numerous races including marathons, relays and triathlons.  Five years ago I developed debilitating pain in my Achilles Tendons.  I could not run, train, or compete.  After a year and with the help of a physical therapist I was finally able move pain-free.  Unfortunately running caused the inflammation to flare up.

I visited Karen Calara for a gait analysis.  She viewed video of me walking and running and quickly diagnosed my biomechanical problems.  She designed the shoe inserts that now allow me to run.  I remember telling her I'd be happy just to run 3 miles, three times a week.  Now I'm running over 30 miles a week and preparing for my 6th marathon.

I continue to rely on Karen for the medical care that keeps me healthy and active. She monitors my running form.  She suggests stretches and strengthening exercises.  Karen's knowledge of my biomechanics and her experience with running shoes makes her recommendations about appropriate footwear vital to me.  Her treatment strategies include not only the latest medical technology but also sound advice on training levels and nutrition.

I would whole-heartedly and without reservation recommend anyone to Karen Calara.  In fact I sent my daughter (another runner) to Karen several year's ago."


J. B.




"Karen is a fabulous physical therapist. She listens to your concerns and needs, and develops a treatment plan that's specific to you and works.

For months I had lower back pain, and now it's gone. When it does come back, a few simple exercises at home and it disappears quickly.

If I have a question between sessions, for example about how to do an exercise, I can email her and hear back very quickly."

J. F.

Consultant, Grant Writer

Seattle, WA



"Karen takes a personal interest in her clients from the first appointment.  She listened to my limitations and asked me how I hoped to improve.  Her recommendation for orthotics and expert gait analysis virtually eliminated the left side vault in my walk (a pronounced limp).  Karen's mobilizations skills helped increase the range of motion in my ankle, foot, and toes and help to decrease the pain in those areas. 

After seeing two other physical therapists over three and a half years prior, I held little hope for much improvement.   Karen's work has gotten me to the next level in my recovery and because of that I am able to bicycle over a thousand miles a year, walk much more normally, and enjoy my life again."


K. L.

Dispatcher, Emergency Services

Redmond, WA


"I started seeing Karen Calara at the Next Step Physical Therapy during my first pregnancy. Drawing from her vast knowledge base, Karen gave me simple daily exercises to help maximize my vitality and decrease discomfort throughout my entire pregnancy.

I work as a stylist full-time, so my body was really being pushed those nine months. I credit my minimal weight gain and my "bouncing back" quickly to her advice and guidance.

I think Karen is truly passionate about women feeling strong in their bodies.... It's obvious to me that she is personally invested in seeing all of her patients succeed in changing or rehabilitating their bodies. I have already and will continue to recommend Karen's services to friends and family!"

J. D


Seattle, WA

"I came to Karen in December 2006, having been unable to run for two months and horrified that my right knee hadn't healed in all that rest time.  This was the worst of several injuries had plagued me during the 5 years since my first pregnancy.  The knee pain had progressively worsened over the course of a few months of marathon training, but I didn't stop running until it was so weak and inflamed that I was forced to abandon my plan of popping a megadose of painkillers and running my race.  I thought I might have damaged myself permanently at the tender age of 30. 

Karen felt the inflamed area and watched me run, and within 10 minutes described my mechanical problem and started giving me exercises to strengthen a weak muscle group and correct the pronation I had unknowingly developed during my pregnancies.  I did every exercise she prescribed every single day, and the results were faster than my wildest dreams.  On Jan 22 I started running again, pain free.  I could have suffered more years with an unresolved weak muscle group and inexplicable resulting injuries, but with Karen's help I have been running strong and stable for 6 weeks now! 

I also had a weak core, a stomach that had not tightened up 18 months after my second child was born.  Karen corrected my form on the core work I had been doing, and added to the routine.  Three weeks later my muscle separation (diastasis recti) had closed and I had an inch smaller waist.  A few small changes have brought incredible results. 

Just a couple of months with Karen have restored to me my beloved sport, and I can't recommend her highly enough."



Mother, Runner

Seattle, WA

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